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Photos from Darjeeling Tours 2022 visit to Colorado

Photos supplied by various members of the party.

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The route of our tour as supplied
by Andrew S.

Our tour leader Fuzz

Andre, Neil, Linda, Paul S.                            Joy,   Chris, Andrew M, Mick,   Shirley, Peter

                                              Amit, Andrew S.

There are a number of YouTube videos produced by the Colorado Railroad Museum that give an insight into the history of the Rio Grande Railroad system





The ‘Hospital Steam Move’ on the journey from Cheyenne to Silvis IL museum started on
11 November 2022.
The consist has UP 5716 leading UP 3985 Challenger, UP 5511 TTT-6, 3 support cars with spares and tools, UP 6936 Centennial, 3 old UP cars, a Caboose, ex=AMTK B=Unit, E9 CNW shell,
followed by 2nd power engine UP 8198, flat cars with spares and 22 empty cars to help with with breaking as the 2 steamers have no breaks!
View the first youtube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnUaTKJdp0w