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Building my ground level railway track for 3 1/2” & 5” locomotives

Building a basic oval, then maybe later add a couple of sidings.

Pictures taken on 8th May 2020

Top end of track going around the lawn, the garden here is about 30ft wide.

The whole plot is about 70ft x 150ft
I can walk a mile a day just going around the garden.

When we took on this home almost 5 years ago, the ‘garden’ was unkept and overgrown, it has taken a lot of work to get it to this state. Non of the sheds existed, it was a case clearing the ground to put them up on big concrete bases.

Looking up the back straight.

The trees in the far distance are part of the ‘jungle’ area of the garden.

The conifers on the right have now been cut down to stumps, making the garden lighter.

Note the old ‘kids' play tubs used as flower planters.

A good collection of kids play items around, we have the land for all the grandchildren to play here.

The straight at the side of the swimming pool.

The completed loop, using aluminium track and plastic sleepers and chairs.

Some of the track laid on a gravel bed, the top loop has some of the sleepers screwed to plastic sheet under the large pebbles and this lower loop laid on concrete slabs set into the lawn, I can lift up this bottom part of the track to mow straight across the slabs.

There is almost 2ft difference in height from the bottom loop to the top, so it is power on going up and brakes on going down!

Looking along the long side of swimming pool towards more sheds.

I may run a siding along here, one side or the other.