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Model Engineering page.

Although I have been interested  in steam locomotives since I was a youngster, it was only about 40 years ago that the thought of building my own locomotives was influenced by a friend.

I started with a small horizontal  mill engine model. This is a Stuart S50 Mill engine, it took a few months to build from a kit of un-machined parts and it only requires ones own breath to  send it spinning.

Then the thought of building  a proper locomotive was discussed. The acquisition of a box of castings,  frame steel and drawing which came available at the right price, this brought forth my 3 1/2" gauge loco.

This loco and tender is a  Derby '4F' design, many were to be seen on the local tracks hauling both  passenger and freight ( coal ) trains. It took me about 5 years to get the  loco steaming and another 2 years to get round to painting it. Not in the  black livery of LMS/BR days but in Crimson Lake, the colour of the old Midland  Railway which owned the local tracks in the pre-grouping days.

Steaming my loco  at the Chesterfield & District  Model Engineers Track

I have kits for a couple  of other small stationary engines to build, when I have some free time !!